Just for fun.

I attended Stewart Smith's 02/10 ADC Young Guns lecture, his Swim piece inspired one of the original introductions for this site (below).

Hello, world.

My name is Darren and I can't swim.

What I can do is create—I'm a graphic communicator specializing in brand identity. Designing for the web and print is what I know.

Interested in working together? Peruse a selection of my work, find out what makes me tick, where I socialize, and let's talk!

Swim layer 1
Swim layer 2
Swim layer 3


A friend observed that my designs often reflect my travels so I figured that would be a good place to start with this colophon.

The Citizen Chan moniker was created during my stay in China and the aesthetic was influenced by Communist propaganda.

Early iterations were textured and grungy and though I've largely left the grunge I may eventually return to the textured look.

The excellent tutorials on the J4D site by Remy Sharp lowered the barrier of entry considerably for incorporating jQuery-powered interactions.

The portfolio section is powered by Trent Foley's Galleriffic, a jQuery plugin for rendering rich, fast-performing photo galleries.

Early versions of this site used Simo Kinnunen's cufon script but there were too many typefaces on the page so I removed it.