My life with pictures.

In kindergarten, I painted a piece abstracting heaven and hell. The top half was royal blue representing heaven, the bottom portion was a fiery red depicting hell. Ellsworth Kelly had the same idea. What followed was lighter fare.

At age six, I toured a construction site and pored through blueprints with my father. It was then that I decided to become an architect. A healthy supply of Mahjong tiles and LEGOs helped fuel that fire.

I 'Made Mine Marvel' before following Jim Lee to Image Comics. I thought a merger of Image Comics' artistic talent and Valiant Comics' writing talent would have been glorious. Deathmate proved otherwise.

My first website built in the late-90s was plastered with animated gifs (flames, had to have the flames) and had a MIDI track. It was hosted on Xoom. I apologize and still hang my head in shame.

In my high school drafting class, I learned to rotate my pencil while drawing lines. I also designed my dream home in CAD, it had a sunken livingroom and there was a Lamborghini in the driveway.

Illustrating t-shirts for varsity teams and painting the mural on our newly-minted weightroom wall led to me undeservingly voted the best artist in my high school. A '3' in AP Art kept my ego in check.

Spoiled by my high school's adjustable professional drafting tables and efficient track drafting machines, I had to settle for a crappy Mayline in college. I loved architecture more than ever.

Halfway through my studies I branched off from architecture and spent more time designing websites and printed pieces for school organizations and events. Wish I made more time for the woodshop though.

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Oh, the places I've been!

I'm a native of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. It wasn't the greatest neighborhood to grow up in but has improved considerably. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the local pizzeria, Not Ray's Pizza.

My high school years were spent in Livingston, NJ, home of the Lancers. I took full advantage of suburbia, exploring by bike and participating in football, wrestling and pole-vaulting. I read this credo in our Strength Training Facility.

At Carnegie Mellon my favorite professors were Marsha Berger, Dutch MacDonald, and Tony Stanton. I regret dropping Randy Pausch's Building Virtual Worlds class because it competed with studio time.

The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu was amazing. Can't say the same for alpaca or guinea pig meat. But I still salivate when I think of the crocante de lomo at Lelé de Troya in Buenos Aires.

I went to Japan to snowboard and ended up staying there for three months. I was captivated by its society of extremes, transportation network and architecture. Most of all I admired their craftsmanship.

The food in South Korea is second to none; the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art should be your first stop and I loved the contemporary art in Insa-Dong. Go experience the mellow and creative party scene in the Hong-ik area.

A summer in China yielded one beautiful sunset at the top of Hua Shan near Xi'an. Sleeping on a boulder at the top, I saw a sky filled with stars. I had no idea shooting-stars were so common. Spend a day at the 798 Art Zone.

After considering it for years, I finally packed up and moved to the West Coast. Though I miss NYC's subway system and seeing snow in the streets, nothing beats the entrepreneurial drive found in Silicon Valley.

Up, up, and away!

In summary...

A Jack of all trades, master of none, I'm considered a generalist, my interests are broad and I have a passion for all things design. Now that you have a better sense of my inspirations, onto the portfolio!